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Effort Over Excuses Challenge 


    •    Email address:

    •    Subject of email: [Your Name]: 21 Day “Effort Over Excuses”

    •    Email me 3 photos (front,side,back shots) all in the same email


Please send your before photos to NO LATER THAN Monday, March 20th at 11:59pm.

Challenge Overview

There will be 3 weeks of hard work and dedication!! Each week we will have 4 days of hard work. Throughout those 4 days your workout will consist of:

    •    HIIT Exercises 

    •    Running

    •    Upper Body Exercises 

    •    Lower Body Exercises 

    •    Core Exercises 

Everyone in this challenge has different fitness goals and so forth. With that being said depending on your fitness goals your workouts/exercises should go according to that.


    •    if your fitness goals is to bulk and tone then your HIIT cardio should be done with as few breaks possible. And your exercises should be performed with more resistance or weights. The sets/reps DO NOT CHANGE!!!

    •    if you are looking to slim up & tone then your HIIT cardio should be done at a more controlled level. Your exercises could be with body weight or added weights/resistance. It’s to your discretion, mix it up if you want.

    •    if you are content with your size and are just looking to maintain and tone then you could mix it up as long as it totals to the required HIIT cardio amount.

    •    Each week I will either host a live workout or a Q&A to see how you all are doing with the challenge. 

    •    Now remember this is a challenge. We are here to push ourselves past our limits to get better and transform. Let’s be SupremeFit!!

Nutrition Tips & Guidance:

    •    #1 Hydration is going to be key when it come to this challenge.

:drinking enough water is very crucial. Helps keep your joints lubricated, keeps organs functioning properly, delivers nutrients to your cells. Drink 17-20 ounces of water 2-3 hours prior to your workouts. Men should drink at least 15 cups of water daily(3.7 liters) and women should drink 11 cups daily(2.7 liters).

    •    #2 Rest is going to be pivotal to your growth and transformation during this challenge.

:sleep allows your muscle tissue time to recover between workouts.

:sufficient sleep is also important in having energy to exercise efficiently.


    •    #3 Building Muscle Mass

:Eating breakfast helps build muscle mass.

:Eat protein with every meal to build muscle mass.

:Eat fruits and vegetables(actual fruits instead of smoothies)

:Eat carbs after each workout.

:Eat healthy fats.

:Consume 300-500 calories above your baseline needs to add muscle mass.

    •    #4 Cutting Weight

:Make sure you are getting your fiber. Fiber can be found in healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains.

:Cur back on added sugars. Sugary drinks is a major reason for unhealthy weight gain. Cut out the food high in added sugars is great for weight loss. 

:Consume healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, & nuts.

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