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50 Burpees Backlash: Why 50 Burpees for Being Late is a Rule That Needs to Go


Hey everyone, anonymous gym-goer, Fuck That Treadmill, here with a rant. Today, I need to get something off my chest about one of the most dreaded rules at Supreme Fitness: the punishment of 50 burpees for being late. Yes, you read that right—50 burpees. As someone who barely made it through last week’s session, I’ve got a bone to pick with this so-called "motivational" rule. Spoiler alert: I hate burpees with a passion.

So there I was, running a few minutes late because, you know, life happens. Traffic was a nightmare, and my dog decided it was the perfect time to have a bathroom emergency. I rushed into the gym, hoping to just start my session, but here comes Ahmad. He didn’t even blink before declaring, "50 burpees!" My heart sank. Why, oh why, must we be subjected to this medieval form of torture?

50 Burpees is a Ridiculous Punishment, It’s Overkill

Let’s be real: 50 burpees is overkill. Missing a few minutes of warm-up shouldn’t translate into an intense full-body workout that leaves you gasping for air and regretting every life choice. There has to be a more reasonable way to handle tardiness.

The intention behind the rule is to motivate people to be on time, but let me tell you, it has the opposite effect. The mere thought of doing 50 burpees makes me dread coming to the gym late altogether. It’s like a looming cloud of doom over a positive, uplifting environment.

We all have off days. Things come up unexpectedly, and sometimes being late is unavoidable. Punishing someone with 50 burpees for circumstances often beyond their control isn’t fair or practical.

A Love-Hate Relationship

Burpees are notoriously tough. They combine a squat, jump, and push-up into one grueling exercise that works almost every muscle in your body. Doing a few in a HIIT session is one thing, but 50 in a row? That's next-level torture.

There are better ways to handle lateness that don’t involve breaking our spirits and bodies. Maybe a few minutes of extra cardio, I hate running though. I don't know but a small penalty that doesn’t leave us feeling like we’ve been hit by a truck. Anything but the dreaded burpees or running.

The gym is a place where we feel motivated, supported, and punished for being late. I feel y'all need to add to y'all's statement "Creating a positive environment where people are encouraged to do their best, regardless of the occasional slip-up", will lead to better attendance and more enthusiasm.

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes we’re going to be late. A bit of flexibility and understanding from the trainers would go a long way in fostering more loyalty and commitment from gym members. We’re all human, after all.

Final Thoughts: Let’s Banish the Burpee Punishment

To all the trainers at Supreme Fitness, especially you, Ahmad, it’s time to reconsider the 50-burpee rule. It’s excessive, and demotivating, and frankly, it makes us hate being late to the gym. Let’s find a better way to handle lateness—one that encourages us that lateness is a part of life.

Fellow gym-goers, if you agree, let’s make our voices heard. No more burpee punishments!

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