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Making every step intentional as you climb to the top.

A Results-Driven Training Method

Defensive Back is the most unorthodox position on the football field. They are required to make physical tackles and mirror a wide receiver while moving backward. Defensive backs must display great confidence, patience, and effort. Whether a cornerback, Nickelback, or safety, our training sessions provide improved skills.


 Improved Skills in These Areas

  • Stance

  • Footwork

  • Backpedaling/breaks

  • Route recognition

  • Tackling

  • Coverage principles

  • Defeating blocks

  • Offensive alignment recognition​

  • Blitz techniques

  • College Training (40yd dash, pro agility, etc)


Saturday & Sunday at 11am
Betty T Ferguson, 3000 NW 199th St

Miami Gardens, FL 33056
6th-12th Grade

Let's Get Started

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